Saturday, April 21, 2012

Some color scoping - facades

With an appointment booked for Studio M on Tuesday, I went and looked around to get some final ideas before going in and picking colors.

The house I thought was the one that interested me didn't actually have the same colors as I thought - but there was one just down the road very similar which I very much like.

On the next street over from my block is this house - certainly works quite well IMO.

And finally, something we drew up in Metricon's 'Envisage' tool a few weeks ago.

Oh, and there were many, many photos taken for internal color selections.

The main problem with the above color schemes is that they tend to rely on there being multiple faces and levels for the front façade.  The traditional façade, as it's been drawn up for my house, doesn't have a lot of that going on, as shown below:

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