Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Not getting updates

There's not a lot to update on - at least, not a lot that's resulted in positive progress.

I fired off an email to my customer support rep before the weekend asking for updated copies of the floor and electrical plan, as I only have printed copies - no reply.

The plan had been to drop in to the new Serenity 22 display home Metricon have set up out Epping way, but after racing the final round of the state series, and pulling off just enough points to win the series (humble brag), I was too wrecked to make the trip.

I had to chase up the finance broker yesterday, but they're still trying to get a response from NAB to have them look over Homeside's contract.  A tad annoying that they hadn't given an update without having to call them.

And lastly Metricon called me today to confirm my colour appointment for Tuesday; at the same time I checked if there were any openings for the tours, but that's pretty much booked out until mid May.

So yeah, really nothing to report :(

In the meantime I'm trying to find out what decorative bricks cost to add to either peirs or any other front surface of a home - like what you see in the façade photo here:
Noone can really give me an answer - including anyone from Metricon that I've asked.

Oh, and because the walls are to be Hebel, it'll have a rendered effect most of the way around, rather than any brick - somewhat like below:

I still have to decide on colours, but there's a house up by the route we do our training rides in Berwick that I want to go take some sneaky photos of, as I'd like to consider using that colour scheme.

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