Friday, November 30, 2012

No walls yet...

Dropped by after work, but there wasn't any significant done that I could notice.  Hopefully there's some Hebel walls up on Monday.
However all of the electrical cabling is done - some showing some kinda shoddy work, which I'll follow up on (and post some photos of).  I need to check on the requirements for distance between electrical and data cabling.

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Plaster and Hebel delivered

I'll update with some photos later, but todays update was that both plaster and Hebel was now on-site and ready to be started.

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Keep out!

"Keep out!".  That's evidently the message that's attempted to be sent at the moment, as the remaining doors went on today.  I suspect the front one is temporary, but the garage door is the same Tinker colour I love and have selected.

There's also electrical cabling visible from outside and poking through some gaps - which I expect would explain why they've now had to get doors on.  But with the roof basically complete, they're in a position to start going nuts with the internal fit-out.  Yay!

Monday, November 26, 2012

Gutters, Fascia and Roof

Now that the frame is claimed as completed, it's time to do everything that brings the house to lock-up stage.
First up - fascia and gutters.

Because of the tradie's ute being parked out front I couldn't get a clear photo from my usual spot - doh :(
That was Saturday.  I dropped by tonight (Monday), and even more progress - we now have a roof!  In fact most of the tiles are done - there's probably a few to go but for the most part they won't have much left.  Hebel should be delivered mid-week and ready to start being installed late or early next week, so then we'll have walls!

Also, while checking out progress on Saturday, I ran in to some new neighbours - the one on the corner adjacent to my garage.  Land there hasn't titled yet, and they'll start building mid January.

One thing I discovered from talking to them was that fencing along the footpath/public space isn't the same as between properties - it requires a much higher standard, and to go with that a much higher cost.  All these little things they don't tell you when you select a lot :/

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Frame completion

Not much to say here - so here's 10,000 words worth of photos.  I'll add some explanations later.

Monday, November 19, 2012

Organising first inspection

Since I was given very late notice of when the frame progress would be complete, my first call of the day was to arrange an independent inspector to go out and report back on what they've discovered.  This was arranged to be as soon as possible after the scheduled frame completion date.

The one thing that gets me a bit nervous is that some inspectors seem to want to make a point of your rights to access the site, even though it's not yet come to that.  Hopefully there will be no major disagreements between the site supervisor an inspector with regards to what, if anything, is found that needs fixing.  Sparing the one missed progress update the site supervisor so far has been really good - and the last thing I want is to have them seeing me working against them and making life difficult.

To make sure everything was done by the book, I had to first book a time with the inspector.  Then it was up to me to ring the supervisor and confirm that time with him.  The SS has said I have to write to the project manager at head office and inform them, and provide some details including red card details.
To me that seems perfectly reasonable - so I'm just waiting for the inspector to send those details back to me.

As for what the inspector needs - site plans, certain parts of the contract, and, of course, payment :)
Easy enough - just gotta scan a large chunk of a contract tonight.

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Super-quick frame progress

They certainly got going in the last two days!  On just Wednesday I posted a photo of the slab sitting there on its own.  Today, just two working days later, they've finished the entire wall structure for the house - not just "a few walls" like the site supervisor indicated.

Friday, November 16, 2012

Frame started already

I actually managed to get a call from the Site Supervisor today with an update on what's going on - we already have walls - yikes.
Yes, the frame has been delivered on-site, and they're already putting it up.  He expects a large portion of the walls to be up by the end of today; Monday the roof and trusses will be delivered and they will all be up by Wednesday afternoon with the frame complete!

After that it will be the tiles, fascia and gutters - he expects those to be complete by Friday week (30th).  They don't waste any time after that and get the insulation in and then the Hebel over top.

I'll drop by on Saturday or Sunday to get some photos.

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

A slab of the non-drinking kind

What tipped me off today that the slab had been poured was not a call from the site supervisor - in fact I've not heard from him in almost a fortnight.  No, actually it was an SMS from a Metricon staff member: "Please be advised your next invoice has been emailed to you today, original in the mail".
Sure enough in my inbox, an invoice for solid five figure chunk of dollars - the deposit and slab payment.

So instead of going straight home out to the East, I arranged to be picked up from our North, where we could take a look.

From the above photos we can also now get a pretty good idea of how much back yard we're going to have, along with the width of the path down the East side of the house.  Since North-West neighbours have got their fence in, that's now the point where that boundary is, and on the East side the garage is on the boundary.

Slab poured

Excellent - I am now the proud owner of one large block of concrete.

Sunday, November 11, 2012

No slab yet

Still no slab.  Actually, there was no call late last week either to say that it had been pushed back.  Fingers crossed, I made a trip out to the block on Sunday in the hope something had happened which I wasn't told about, but that's not really the case.  There's a big shipment of foam blocks on site, and some other lining, but not a lot of actual work.

Guess we'll just want and see what happens this week.  Forecast is good for most of the week so there should be no real excuses.

Oh yeah, and somone's been using our area for having some fun - we found fireworks :D

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Someone left a gate open...

Saturdays trip to have a quick look around/walk the dogs allowed us to see what they've done with putting all the plumbing and electrical stuff in.  There's still no slab down of course, but it's looking much flatter.  Actually, it's in a stage I've not seen another build in, I'm not really sure what's with all the gravel.

Anyway, someone left the gate wide open, so we decided to have a careful snoop around.

Maybe someone else can tell me what the story is with all the gravel... which incidentally we found has a lot of glass in it.