Monday, November 19, 2012

Organising first inspection

Since I was given very late notice of when the frame progress would be complete, my first call of the day was to arrange an independent inspector to go out and report back on what they've discovered.  This was arranged to be as soon as possible after the scheduled frame completion date.

The one thing that gets me a bit nervous is that some inspectors seem to want to make a point of your rights to access the site, even though it's not yet come to that.  Hopefully there will be no major disagreements between the site supervisor an inspector with regards to what, if anything, is found that needs fixing.  Sparing the one missed progress update the site supervisor so far has been really good - and the last thing I want is to have them seeing me working against them and making life difficult.

To make sure everything was done by the book, I had to first book a time with the inspector.  Then it was up to me to ring the supervisor and confirm that time with him.  The SS has said I have to write to the project manager at head office and inform them, and provide some details including red card details.
To me that seems perfectly reasonable - so I'm just waiting for the inspector to send those details back to me.

As for what the inspector needs - site plans, certain parts of the contract, and, of course, payment :)
Easy enough - just gotta scan a large chunk of a contract tonight.

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