Wednesday, November 14, 2012

A slab of the non-drinking kind

What tipped me off today that the slab had been poured was not a call from the site supervisor - in fact I've not heard from him in almost a fortnight.  No, actually it was an SMS from a Metricon staff member: "Please be advised your next invoice has been emailed to you today, original in the mail".
Sure enough in my inbox, an invoice for solid five figure chunk of dollars - the deposit and slab payment.

So instead of going straight home out to the East, I arranged to be picked up from our North, where we could take a look.

From the above photos we can also now get a pretty good idea of how much back yard we're going to have, along with the width of the path down the East side of the house.  Since North-West neighbours have got their fence in, that's now the point where that boundary is, and on the East side the garage is on the boundary.

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