Saturday, June 16, 2012


While checking that the weeds had been killed (seems like they haven't), we also decided to go have a look at Metricon's display they were auctioning off for charity just four streets up from my block.  It was more or less the same build, but slightly bigger - a Delta 24 on a 12.5x32m block.  Most of it was much the same, though the electrical throughout was very basic, with tiles rather than timber.

The auction was a bit of a sad state though - not only were there only about 10 groups of people turn up, many really were there just to have a look.  One of the sales agents had a bit of a chat with me, and asked how much I thought it would go for: "Oh, probably around 386, give or take".  "Give or take?  That's a very specific number".  :)

As for actually bidders?  Only a single bid at $380k, so I felt sorry for her.  To put in any specific number and then not have anyone willing to challenge it basically means you could have said less.

Says a lot about the current market though since this one only just managed to sell.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Bank valuation

Got a call from the broker today, but it was not good news - the bank has valued the property a whopping $32,000 below the contract price!  WTF!?

Sigh.  So anyway, I have a meeting with the broker tomorrow afternoon - it'll basically mean switching lenders/banks.  More on that soon.

Sunday, June 10, 2012

The road is complete!

I'll have a bit more of an update with some pics on what we got up to today a little bit later, but the good news for now is that the road the connects things like the shopping center and my street, and everything else of importance, is now open!  There was no clear indication of when it was open, but we decided to go that way today just to see if it was, and boy does it make a difference.

For example, previously to get to the Hume Freeway, it was a 7km detour out on to another main road (and through a few sets of traffic lights), and then back up again.  Now, it's more like 3km (if that), but I can also use a main boulevard to get straight there without having to take detours etc.
That's certainly going to make checkout out the build much easier, and moving in as well.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Brochure cleanup

It's fair to say that over the course of my build investigation, I visited maybe more displays than the average.
Consequentially, a rather large pile of brochures accumulated.  While cleaning up and organising the myriad of documents that building a house involves - loan documents, contracts, colour selections - I decided these brochures were no longer of any use since a decision has well and truly been made on which house to build, and a contract signed.

But you gotta admit, that's a fair collection :D