Saturday, June 16, 2012


While checking that the weeds had been killed (seems like they haven't), we also decided to go have a look at Metricon's display they were auctioning off for charity just four streets up from my block.  It was more or less the same build, but slightly bigger - a Delta 24 on a 12.5x32m block.  Most of it was much the same, though the electrical throughout was very basic, with tiles rather than timber.

The auction was a bit of a sad state though - not only were there only about 10 groups of people turn up, many really were there just to have a look.  One of the sales agents had a bit of a chat with me, and asked how much I thought it would go for: "Oh, probably around 386, give or take".  "Give or take?  That's a very specific number".  :)

As for actually bidders?  Only a single bid at $380k, so I felt sorry for her.  To put in any specific number and then not have anyone willing to challenge it basically means you could have said less.

Says a lot about the current market though since this one only just managed to sell.

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