Wednesday, July 4, 2012

We have a neighbour!

I realised there hasn't been an update in a little while now.  To tell the truth, it's been very quiet and nothing much has been happening.  The re-drafted loan papers have been put together with minimal noise from ANZ, so that's all taken care of, and I've not heard any updates from Metricon to say anything about the R&C.
They've been in contact with me wanting me to scan, sign and return copies of colour schedules so they can order bits and pieces, but other than that very quiet on that front.

Maybe the only significant point of note is that while out at the block I noticed (hard to miss) that we now have a neighbor behind us!  Their property sits about half along my back boundary line, and while out there the tradies were pouring the slab.
Looks like it's being built by Henley, so it may actually end up being one of the smaller designs I was looking at in the first place myself.  In fact, I might even be able to figure that out from the layout of the slab.
Henley tend to build a little bit quicker than Metricon from what I've seen, so they'll probably be in before I am.  The race is on! :D

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