Sunday, July 29, 2012

We're being delayed again!?

Thursday I got a call with a bit of an update - an update to say that nothing's happened.

Metricon are claiming that they hadn't received the R&C back yet, and they don't apply for a building permit until they've got the R&C back.
That permit takes about 2 weeks to come back, and then there's at least two clear weeks after that while they check plans, do site inspections, all that jazz.
In other words, there's somewhere between buckleys and no chance of there being a site start on August 10 as previously discussed - in fact, we might be lucky to see a site start in August.

Ultimately there's not a lot I can do though - even though the question's been raised as to whether or not they're in breach of contract, that doesn't really help me, as the only option there that opens up is to cancel a contract, which would get me nowhere, lose deposits, and lose grants.


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