Sunday, June 10, 2012

The road is complete!

I'll have a bit more of an update with some pics on what we got up to today a little bit later, but the good news for now is that the road the connects things like the shopping center and my street, and everything else of importance, is now open!  There was no clear indication of when it was open, but we decided to go that way today just to see if it was, and boy does it make a difference.

For example, previously to get to the Hume Freeway, it was a 7km detour out on to another main road (and through a few sets of traffic lights), and then back up again.  Now, it's more like 3km (if that), but I can also use a main boulevard to get straight there without having to take detours etc.
That's certainly going to make checkout out the build much easier, and moving in as well.

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