Wednesday, April 11, 2012

For the walls: Art

Back when I started uni, I came across an Animaniacs cel that I just loved.  But being a poor uni student, I couldn't really afford the $450 for it at the time.  How I wish I could have grabbed it there and then.  I've since seen a similar one for sale, but have never seen that exact one since.

Over time I've been grabbing bits and pieces I'll need for moving in - pots and pans, bed sheets, cutlery, that kind of thing.  Spending about $200/fortnight just on miscellaneous stuff so it's spread out rather than done all at once.

While planning the house, I've known all along what I want to see throughout it on the walls.  I already have a few framed Penny Arcade cels (including the Cardboard Tube Samurai cel that sold out in hours), and on the weekend a piece popped up on eBay that I decided would look great.  This was this fortnight's $200 spend (not my photo - mine is on it's way, but same matting and frame):

In the meantime I've contacted an art gallery to track down a piece I want for the entrance hallway:

There is another cel I will pay quite hansomly for - the 'Escher' scene from the pilot Futurama episode "I, Roommate".  I have only ever seen it once for sale.

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