Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Color selections - upgrades

Went through the whole colour selection process today.  I'll post swatches and palettes later, but since getting home I've plugged the selected colors in to Envisage and to be totally honest, I'm not sold.  They need work and revising, as I'm just not happy with what I've been pushed towards :/

In the meantime a few of the bigger $ items that we opted to upgrade, which will ultimately increase the overall bill:

  • Glass splashback.  ~$1,000.
  • Overhead cupboards to kitchen. ~$800.
  • Upgrade carpet to Cat 2: ~$850
  • Upgrade driveway to stone patterned... stuff from colored: ~$1200 ($3500)
  • Add surge protection to entire house circuits: ~$1,000
  • Venetian blinds and rollers: ~$2400.  We would have had to spend this anyway.
  • Add TV antenna to house: $500.  Again, something we would have had to spend anyway.
Some smaller items:
  • Deadlocks @$100/ea - one to the front door, one to the rear garage door.
  • Door upgrades: 3 @ $100/ea.
  • Sliding doors to bedroom 2 ($??)

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