Monday, April 9, 2012

More color ideas

Did a bit more snooping today, out in the cold hail.  Looking for colours, I decided to head down to the Selandra Rise display in Clyde North.

Oh and before we get started - Suburban Four-Wheel Drives, Chapter 1:  How to park like a c...

These two were taken in a Burbank home - the Jarrah 2600.  I have to admit I love this layout, particularly the living room and the way it joins on to the kitchen area.  It would be out of my price range even if I hadn't already got this far, even in the 2300 style (because it needs a deeper block), but it's still a lovely design.

 This was the kind of thing I went looking for - types of doors that could be used for things like the pantry.  I like these, even though I'm not a huge fan of glass doors (they break) - that is, unless it's safety glass.
I imagine I'll probably do something like this on the door to my walk-in pantry, despite the added cost.

 Again still in the Jarrah - I loved this aspect of the laundry.  It's something I'm going to seriously consider doing - even something as simple as the railing is a great help.  This was built in to an alcove in the laundry.
Oh, and the small touches on the floor - the way the tiles come up the walls on the wet areas, rather than skirting boards.  Simple little things like this.  It's something I'll look at when we get to Studio M.

Curtains aren't included, but this is one of two styles I like.  Venetians are more likely though.

Now for something that just doesn't work - this is a Simmonds display home.  It might be hard to see in the small version of the image, but this is looking in to the shower, through the ensuit, from outside the master beedroom... from outside the front door.
Yes, that's right, I was standing outside the house when this photo was taken, and can see straight in to the shower.  Now a good design, IMO.

Garden is something I want to get right.  My block won't have as much drop as this, but I'd still like to do something with pavers, backed by grasses or hedges.

Here's a slightly different bathroom, which I like the design of.  The shower is tucked away around the corner, as is the toilet.

Something that could work in a small backyard with an alfresco area off to one side.

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