Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Finally, contact

After six weeks and me trying to call the person back four times today, Metricon finally got around to making an intro call.  And I was thoroughly unimpressed.  So much so that I'm seriously considering switching - even despite the lost time that would result in.

First up, the first call was just to arrange two things:  Colour selection and electrical appointment, and then contract signing, only two weeks later.
Second, the earliest we can do colour selection is three weeks from now.  Three weeks in itself isn't so bad, except if you consider that I've already waited six weeks just to get to this point for what they say should take two to three.  What's the next delay going to be?
But most frustrating was an unwillingness to provide info I requested.

Though-out the pre-sale part, we've spoken about some variations, work that may or may not be needed, things like that.  I asked for two things today:
1.  Anything he could point me to in the way of colours or options that might allow me to help make any decisions before we get to Studio M, so I know what I'm looking for.  Even when I pointed out that I suspect a single appointment isn't going to get it all finalised, this was somewhat dismissed.
2. Because of the variations, I asked if he could provide any update in the meantime so I know where we're at for the time being with changes and overall costs.  I mainly wanted to confirm what level of slab reinforcement we've now decided on and whether any peering is required. The response was rather repeatedly "oh we'll get you all that on the settlement date".
After hearing that line three or four times I was about to explode - you can not be serious - you expect me to sign a contract, or anything, without a decent amount of time to go over it, for a $200,000 contract?

He was then pretty keen to cut the discussion short with more "we'll talk about it later, that's about enough for todays call".

Getting off the phone I was dumbfounded, completely lost for words.  Is this really the seriousness with which a six figure construction is treated?

I'm beginning to get the impression that maybe building a smaller house is more of a nuisance to them than any profit it might drive.

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