Thursday, March 15, 2012

It's been rather quiet

When signing contracts I was told that the process from there was that I wouldn't hear much from them for a while until contracts are ready, giving them time to get all that kind of thing sorted before we then proceed to colour selection.  I wasn't exactly sure how long this would be though - I had thought they had said two weeks, but wasn't certain.
I'm a pretty patient person too, not the panicy type, but thought just shooting off a quick email to check woudln't hurt.
The confirmation I got back nice and quickly was that it should be three weeks, added with the fact that Metricon it seems had a pretty good month in February and are rather inundated.

Not half an hour after the reply from my sales agent though, I received a call from the local area person in charge, assuring me everything was on track and that I'd hear from them within another week.
It did very much sound like they thought I was annoyed by the delay, but not the case - I'm happy to wait if that's the normal process.  But most interesting to me was that just a simple query was escalated the way it was, and warranted a call back from the next guy up.

The main thing I've been told by others is to make sure to stay on top of things if they look like they're lagging.  Gotta make sure of being kept updated of what's going on.

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