Saturday, March 31, 2012

Finance updates

Today I received a polite reminder call from Stockland to say "remember, the contract goes unconditional tomorrow".
Turns out what I thought had been provided from the finance group in terms of an unconditional application wasn't quite the case.  Their recommendation was to get on to my solicitor to make sure if we planned on applying for an extension, that the letter be made out ASAP, as it had to be dated by tomorrow.

Some time between getting off the phone with Stockland and being able to dial the finance person, I recieved an email to say "contracts will be in the mail on Monday".
Hopefully that means I should have everything for land finance in front of me by Tuesday, Wednesday at the latest.

Something else worth knowing is that because the unconditional date fell on a weekend, it actually rolls over to at least the next business day; and I suspect they may have one or two days after that (I'm not certain of the legalities).
But that's bought us an extra day when the finance hasn't really been on target.

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  1. Hi there,
    It's kinda crazy how they time signing of the contract so late before unconditional finance is supposed to be secured! our builder told us that they do that on purpose. (for what reason, i 'm not exactly sure)

    with the easter holiday coming up, we called our conveyancer who applied for an extension anyways which is good because that gives us 2 more week. he was quite good, he called stockland and our broker to line everything for us. so it wasn't so stressful.

    also, my partner does the surveying for different developers and also found out about the crazy rebate stockland is now offering! we've already signed our contract etc and we're getting back the 10k energy promotion they were having when we signed up. i guess it's hard to play the catch up game, it was either our fhog or what stockland is serving up! (dont think we would have made fhog deadline if we bought now)