Sunday, March 25, 2012

Some color ideas

Even though it's been over three weeks signed I paid a deposit, I still haven't heard from Metricon's team for an introduction and to book times for color selection and the like.  We'll give it a while before putting too much pressure on them, but it is definitely already outside their own timeframes they give.

In the meantime I've been trying to get ideas for color selection when it comes to that stage, so spent a bit of time out at display homes today.
One thing was for certain though, the sales rep at the Metricon display I went to for these ones simply didn't want to know me at all after I told him why I was there and that I'd already made a purchase.  Even asking questions the attitude was completely "go away".

 This bathroom color selection I liked the look of, unlike some of the white top, brown base ones that were around and just didn't seem to work at all.  The small black tiles work quite well.
Here's the lounge and dining area of a Delta 24 in a much whiter style.  Obvious changes here - the very large folding door at the back of the house, and an alfresco area to the side. The 21 has a narrower and shorter lounge.

One of the tile colors I quite liked that were used in the laundry on the splashback.  They're the same tiles as the bathroom shot above, but in a nice shiny silver.

 Don't mind this wallpaper.  This was in the sitting room of a display Ascot 24, if memory serves me correctly. 

This was an interesting little modification we saw to the shower area of one display home, which I'm keen to investigate the viability of.
 Down the side of the house if you're building on a block the minimum size of what is required, this is pretty much all the space you'll have down one side of the house.
This was a nice little touch, though it merely adds cost and little in functionality.  You'll notice on this one the whole house has been rendered - oh, and if you're wondering how to tell the difference between whether a house is rendered or uses Hebel, just give it a knock with your knuckles.  If you feel like you could break a bone with a light tap, it's rendered, because right underneath that layer is prick.  If it's Hebel, it will sound slightly hollow, and you could even go as far as to say it feels lighter - it won't feel as solid.
 The Ascot 24 with a Chateau facade.  This is actually the facade I'd ideally like to have, but noone can seem to tell me what I'd be spending to do it up the way I want before committing to anything in particular.  In this case they've used large tiles instead of the deco bricks in some of the promo shots.
The colors are also somewhat similar to what I might like to consider for the render effect of the Hebel.
The hallway, study, and all bedrooms will be carpeted - I want to find out about this one we saw in one of the displays.  It's a nice patterned carpet that's not terribly thick, and being a dark colour you won't have every speck of dirt show up like someone's gone at it with a highlighter.
Lastly, tiles.  These were quite nice - some other places had glossy white tiles, and as soon as you put downlights above them you end up with spot lights reflecting off them.  Here you get a better effect and none of that glare.
The entry and living areas at base are timber look vinyl, so going to tiles would be a fair upgrade, but these might be ones to consider for the laundry and bathrooms.

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