Saturday, March 17, 2012

Meanwhile, across the road.

Looks like we have some soil tests done.  Little chunks like this taken from across the lot.  I haven't yet heard anything from Metricon, but we'll give it another week until starting to get impatient.
Of concern with the lot right now is two things I've noticed - firstly where the water is draining to, but also that the south-west peg seems to be missing.  At least I can't find it when I've looked, anyway.
Also very obvious is the rate at which the houses across the road are being built.  The ones in the picture are looking at the front of my lot, so they're the next street down.  A fortnight ago they were just a slab - certainly some serious progress there.  The next two white ones are Henley properties.  Is it unethical to race and bet on them like turtles?
I snooped around a bit to see what kind of backyard size they might have - although it's not particularly helpful without knowing what house they're building.  But on the two 14x32m you can see here, one has about 6m at the back, the next one has about 4, maybe a bit more.  You don't get much backyard.

Here's also a little spy shot taken from the street of the garage - I'd want to know where all that water is going to run off, though fortunately you'll probably stick a driveway straight over top of where it is right now.

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