Sunday, February 26, 2012

Land payment

I had to get back to Melbourne for what was going to be a reasonably straightforward meeting - signing some contracts.  This time, for the land.
My solicitor had already been over everything, and they had a mountain of paperwork ready for me to sign - three copies all up.  Basically the process involved going through various bits of the contract, initialing every page of inserts, initialing anywhere they had added details, and signing various pages.
Three times.

But that effectively means it was all sorted on the land side - I finally have a block. Well, sorta.  It still has to be paid for.  And for that, you need to arrange a loan from the bank.  Unless you're paying with pennies.

As a little gift I was also given, as they explained it, "so you can have a picnic on your new block" - a nice cooled/insulated picnic basket, rug, picnic plates, cutlery, cups etc.

Now I just need to get the finance-types to work their magic.

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