Saturday, February 11, 2012

The Henley Lexi 3

After dropping in to the Henley display, where I previously hadn't considered Henley at all, their designs grew on me quickly.  While there were quite a few that were nice, the ideal one was the Lexi 3.  Question is, was the budget anything liked what they claimed.

The Henley Lexi 3

I made an appointment to sit down with one of their reps and go through the numbers, to see what an advertised price really meant.  They had initially told me to allow $30-40,000 on top of the listed price.
In short - when you see $x, you certainly can't budget on it being anywhere close to that - even before you start adding options.

In pricing, we decided to be more realistic and look at the Mode 4.  Ultimately that wasn't going to help much though - with a $154k base, we were coming up with figures just over $200k, and that's just the basic version with no options.
The Henley Mode 4

What annoyed me about Henley's pricing was that the "inclusions" required an amount be paid just to get those "inclusions".  This to me screamed of so dishonest that it was likely to be the case all through the process, getting stung for everything left, right and center later on in the process.

Walking out of the Henley meeting and display had me a little dejected that the prices were so unrealistic - I decided to walk across the road to have a quick chat with Metricon, where things were quickly turned on its head.

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