Sunday, February 12, 2012

Found a block

Looks like it's barely taken 24 hours before for another option to come forward - this time a block that fit both the size and budget requirements!

It took a few days before we could get out there to investigate, but the short version is the location is fantastic!

Just a hundred meters to the east is Malcolm creek, and the walking/running track that goes basically the whole way around the Highlands area.  And if it's groceries or coffee anyone's after, that's just a 500 meter walk across the creek - so it's not like it's a major thoroughfare for traffic.

Plus, we're adjacent to a corner block, so I don't anticipate there being cars parked all over the place on one side.

The street is already partly built up down the other end, so we already have neighbours; the other end, on the other hand, is completely bare land, as is the case for most of the streets around this area.  It seems like most of the houses already on the street were Henley Ready Built homes, which we'll have to look in to when it comes to deciding on facades.

Oh yeah - and our nearest current neighbours have already found a flagpole.

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