Saturday, February 11, 2012

Stockland Highland

Off to the land sales office.

Here's where we're at:  Metricon have said to us "okay, give this lot number to the sales rep, and we'll see if w can go from there".
First thing we do - "Hey, is this lot still available?"
Bugger - no it's not.  Yeah, saw that coming.

Okay, so what else do we have available?

We were given another option of an equivalent size blocks, which was apparently the only one left, but it was opposite some town houses - wasn't terribly appealing.  That was a problem for the time being.

Fortunately the prices we were being given on other blocks were reasonably similar - but we still had to find a block that actually works.

The other thing about both these blocks are that they likely wouldn't be ready to title for maybe six months.  Not really a big problem at this stage.

Problem we found out almost straight away though was  that we had discussed a slightly larger version of the house build after the initial quote - and it wasn't going to fit on the blocks we discussed.

Doh.  Guess that means that for now there's nothing immediately available.

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