Sunday, October 21, 2012

Site Scrape

Maybe the 'normal' thing to be expected might be that the site supervisor calls you on the site start day, but that didn't happen until a day later.  Fortunately it did actually happen, and I've been told they'll be calling me at the end of each week to touch base.
Last thing in the day on Friday I got a call for a quick introduction saying that they had done the site scrape, and that early next week would be cutting the site and installing both sewerage and electrical.

On most of the other sites we've seen the taps go in  quite a bit before site start, so I'm not sure when mine went in, but at least they're there.

Dropping by on Saturday morning was the first thing to do, just to see what had been done so far - ultimately not a lot, though the site is looking a lot flatter.
It followed me home.  Can I keep it?

From here on I'll drop by at least once a week and take a few photos each time.

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