Monday, October 29, 2012

More plants

On Sunday I did a bit more plant shopping to get the remainder of what's to go in.  The stockpile is getting rather large now - so large in fact, that once all these trees and shrubs grow to full size, it's actually a real concern we might be leaving a few out due to lack of space and potential overcrowding - not something I'm keen on.

I'll have to get some actual photos of the collection later, but for now I'll just borrow :D

The complete list looks something like this:

Lipan Crepe Myrtle for the center of the yard
5x Westringia's across the front.  I can't find a good pic of these atm, as the ones I have are veriegated.
2x Dwarf English Lavender
2x Dwarf Pink English Lavender alternated behind the Westringias.

Across the back fence, left to right:
Meyer Dwarf Lemon
Little John Calistemon
Big Blue Dampiera
Skye Bells Correa
Lime Magic Acacia

Then there's a heap of others to figure out where they'll go, some might be down the side of the driveway etc:
3x Liriopes

8x Dionellas
Another Damperia
An Alyogylne

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