Saturday, October 27, 2012

How fast things happen

Initially I'll just drop by once a week until the slab is down, as there's not a lot to really see - other than some earthmoving and a block of concrete.  The other houses in the area, however, show how quickly things happen.
You might recall that behind me I've said the following are bring build - east to west on the next street, a Metricon home, a Porter Davis home, a Henley home almost ready to be moved in to, and another large Metricon home on the end of that street.  Last weekend, all three had slabs down.  Here's what their progress now looks like, just one week on:

So for now, they're putting in electrical and sewerage... they've also given me a nice choice of pet rocks should I choose to keep any.

There isn't a great deal of progress that can be easily seen this week - you can see where the garage is going to go because it's been cut in slightly more, but when they do the box and frame for the slab next week, and the frame at the end of the week, it should be hard to miss the concrete base.

Looking forward to the call to provide updates on Thursday or Friday.

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