Saturday, October 13, 2012

Final check-up before start

Since a site start date has been given, it was time to do a quick check that nothing's been dumped and everything is in order before they turn the place in to a construction site.
Nope, still nothing to report - it's an empty block of land.

But we can at least keep spying on the neighbours :P  Let's see...
Next door to the Burbank build is a Homebuyers Center house.  That ones' basically half across the road.  All that's happened there so far is a scrape.
Bricking's certainly going ahead on the Burbank place, and as I suspected the facade on it is a darker colour than the rest of the brickwork.  They've still got quite a way to go with the brickwork on the side of the house though.

Next door we're getting some decent brickwork being completed, and on the facade they look to be doing something a little different.  Rendered piers, with some timber across the top.  At this point their brickwork appears to pretty much be done, at least down the sides.

Over on the back corner Metricon have thrown a slab down on what's going to be a rather large house.  Next to that, our Henley neighbours now have their piers rendered, and a fully-landscaped front yard.

And finally, another two sites on the next street over have started - a Porter Davis site adjacent to the completed Henley one behind us, and a Metricon site next to that between the PD house and the existing houses.

Looks like there's a race on :D

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