Thursday, May 31, 2012


I'll need some feedback if I'm going to consider this, but once the super gets in contact with me, I'm considering seeing if we can leave a time-lapse camera on-site.
The only issues might be that it's going to need clear line-of-sight, so if they go and stick a portaloo in front of it, it's obviously going to get blocked.  But I'm thinking if I can maybe just cable-tie it to the lot board, that might be a good spot to stick it so it gets a good shot of what's happening.  Maybe even if I can find somewhere it's not going to get stolen from the rear corner as well, that might be an idea.


Probably something cheap like the Wingscapes plant cam - it's only a 4mpx camera and I'd just have to come along every few weeks and replace the SD card to grab the photos, but for about $100/ea (if I shop around), would it be worth it?

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