Monday, May 14, 2012

Colour selection

Okay, so I finally have some photos to post from the color selections.  A few photos I had to go back to Carpet Call to get photos, as the ones I'd taken at StudioM on the day were no good, or I'd just simply forgotten to take photos.

First up is the flooring.  It's timber-look laminate, and we couldn't get the darker reddish colour I liked in this style - to go to that color would have been $55/m^2.  And we were talking I think 65 meters of timber.  So that was too prohibitive.  Instead we're using the next darkest and closest colour, slightly browner, which is Merbeau.  This runs all the way from the entrance, through the hallway and covers the living area in entirety.

Colours for the kitchen area.  Again, we more or less stuck with what was in the Amberlea display, or as close to.  Why change what I liked the look of?  Obviously the benchtops aren't granite, I didn't quite want to go to that expense.  So they're rounded laminate instead, but in that grain pattern.  The cupboards, both underneath and overhead, are the darkest timber-look laminate we could go with.
But lastly, what will make it look absolutely fantastic (see mock-up below) is the Weka (blue) glass splashback.

The below colours show what's to be used throughout the bathrooms, laundry and ensuit.  Similar type of dark cupboards, and a light benchtop, but this time not patterned and simply a solid, matte colour.

Here's the kitchen colours up against the floor colouring.  The wall colours I'm not thrilled about, but the biggest problem is you have to have the whole house the same colour.  I'd love to have some bright colours in various rooms, but it just costs a packet to do so.  Best for now to go with a simple, safe colour that works throughout, and paint over later.

Lastly, the carpets.  We went to a category 2 carpet, which cost I think $10/m, and upgraded rubber underlay, but this carpet certainly doesn't feel like most of the cat 2 carpets.  It's a new range, apparently, and it feels more like any of the C3 or C4 options we had.  With the combination it's very thick and soft.
Still, I'm giving some consideration to going a shade darker with the carpets.

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