Thursday, May 31, 2012

Developer approval: Received.

It would be good news if there were nothing else in the way to be done, but I had a quick call to update me on what's happening - the latest being that the developer approval has already come back.  Clearly the colours aren't too out-there.

They've now submitted the report and consent, because my garage sits something like 15cm too high, and those 15cm are what will end up costing maybe three to four weeks.  After that, it's go, go, go!

In the meantime there's one thing I have to chase up - a letter from the solicitor basically giving them some kind on written proof that the land has settled - they need to be told in writing, basically, which is fair enough so you don't end up with people just going "yep, go ahead", only to find they don't actually own the land.

We're also waiting on a valuation to come back from the bank, but I think that will be fine.  It might come back a few thousand short, but so long as it doesn't come back 20% short, it's all good.

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