Wednesday, January 11, 2012

So it starts

It's about time I started getting this all down in writing before it's long forgotten.

Over the years I've occasionally looked at houses, but for whatever reason I ultimately decide not to bother, and end up still living with the parents, syphoning wads of cash in to an ever-growing account that I had nothing better to do with. Late last year a few ads popped up, and I took interest.  The listed prices actually looked reasonable.

Then I got to crunching numbers.  Everyone's banking on some kind of massive market crash.  I also looked at the situation where this fabled market crash doesn't happen and decided it's as much a risk to not act.

The intent of this blog is to help anyone who's going through this process who, like me, has absolutely no idea what they're getting themselves in to or how it all works.  Hopefully, the lessons I learn the hard way can help someone else in future.
The other important factor was that most places you look, people are only interested in blogging/bragging about their McMansions.  There are tons of blogs out there of small families/couples building 45sq homes on 700m^2 of land.  This will be a bit different, since I'm working within the bounds of a single income and without having someone telling me I need timber and glass and flowers everywhere ;)

The next few posts I'll go through the initial considerations - land, designs, financing - the essentials.  Bear with me, as the early posts are backdated so relying on memory recall a bit.

But before getting too far in, I'll just leave you with this to explain the title of the blog, which will become apparent soon why I've called it this:

I build my house of stone 
I build my house of bricks
I've had no chance 
To sing and dance
'Cause work and play don't mix.


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