Sunday, January 29, 2012

Lyndhurst Displays

Having never been in to a display home before, I didn't know what the process was.  Do you need to make a booking?  Is it just open house?  How would I know!
Anyway, I looked up where a few displays were and called to ask, and they said just drop by, but if you need to speak to anyone, make an appointment.  That's fair enough I guess.

Finding where Metricon actually put their displays was a bit difficult, but plugged the address in to my GPS and set autopilot.  Thing was, when I got there I couldn't see the Metricon displays anywhere in sight.  Actually, all I saw was Henley.  Couldn't hurt to check them out though, so I started nosing around.

The first thing you're going to notice is that if all you want is something basic, you're not going to see that in a display.  If you're thinking of living in a 17 square home, then maybe you want to go to a display, find a largeish place, and then draw a line down the middle of it.  A few of the Henley displays were so large, that when I looked at the board out the front that said "44 squares", I didn't even bother going inside.

While a lot of what I saw was nice, they all had one thing in common - they were huge, and massive overkill for a single person.

Time was a little short that day, so I had to finish up after going through about 8 out of the 14 or so homes.  Before leaving we had a quick chat about available areas, but they tried to discourage me from going north, and vehemently discourage going West.  Of course.  Why would they talk up an area they weren't selling in?

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