Saturday, January 21, 2012


Because LendLease were the developers of Atherstone, I decided to poke around at what other developments they had going.  Caroline Springs was the obvious location I had heard of, but had no idea of what kind of prices to expect.  Needless to say, when things were floating up around the 550k range, I headed for the first link out of there.

One of those links ended up being Craigieburn.

Years ago my mates and I used to hang crap on Broadmeadows, for no other reason than because the name could not more accurately describe what you could find there.  Much of nothing.  How that's changed, and it's now all developed.  After all those years turning my nose up at places like it, I now found myself looking at living further past it!

I made some enquiries, and it took a few days for LendLease to get back to me, but ultimately I was told "we don't really have anything for you at the moment, but I'll call you in a few months when we have our next release".
In the meantime I kept it in mind, and kept searching.

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