Monday, January 28, 2013

Some colour options

At the time of the colour selections with Metricon we simply couldn't decide on what we might want to do with feature walls - and their staff weren't particularly helpful.  Working through it today I've grabbed dozens of colour swatches and a few sample pots to get some ideas, and some MDF to paint as large test patches - since you can't really be expected to get a good idea of what things will really end up being like with just small samples.
From that I can decide what to use to go on the walls straight after moving in.

The toughest decision is which specific colour for certain areas.

For the study I want a dark colour - you don't want light colours that reflects lots of light on to screens - so I'm looking at a deep blue - probably the one on the far right.  The background colour is the Beige Royal Half that's been used throughout the rest of the house.  The blue I've grabbed a sample pot of is the Bedazzled Blue, a Pascol colour.
Unfortunately it's really difficult to get a decent shot of the study without a 10mm camera lens (Lumia 920 is only 26mm (35mm equiv)), which I don't tend to carry around.

Any colour used on either the north or south wall here would be visible either from the main living area or from the doorway.

I'm seriously considering Turners Light for the main wall in the living room - that'd be on the left in the below shot.


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