Friday, January 11, 2013

Painting - first coat done

Originally there were no plans to drop by last week since there has seemingly been no work going on, but I figured best to just drop by and check.  The first obvious thing that was noticed was two other sites which have started - a neighbour two doors down across the road has had the site cut, and my neighbours on the corner block adjacent to mine has all the fencing up.

The render hasn't been done, but I circled the house and checked through the windows, while doing so checking that all the doors were locked... they weren't.
Should I be getting stuck in to the painters for not leaving the house locked?

Of course, I took a look around.

Should I also be pointing out that I expect any house of mine will be a non-smoking premises - and that if they're going to be stupid enough to be smoking, maybe leaving dirty cigarette butts left lying around isn't the best choice?

There's quite a few places where you can see that the paint is very thing - or even completely missing.  I would guess then they're planning on doing three coats of paint, but I'll be checking this with them.  I don't see them doing three coats as of now on those unpainted areas.


  1. I agree with Brook, the owner’s opinion on the house should always be heard. Sorry to hear about that. That kind of costly mistake could have been avoided if there contractor only asked you your opinion on the matter. Anyway, heard the house is looking great! When are the final touches going in? Keep us posted on the progress!

    @Sasha Herrick

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