Wednesday, May 1, 2013


Again, there hasn't really been much happening.  There was a lot of angryness while leading up to inspections, part of which came about from the simply not being told what the procedure would be, and being given the indication that a private inspection was in-place of a PCI (WTF?).

Eventually we booked the inspector to come in, but it was a 2 week delay due to the timing, and being told last minute that it could be done.  A lot more prior planning and notice would have been more appropriate, and would have meant we could have arranged inspections much sooner.

During the first inspection most of the items found were minor - the only particular major things were batts missing from the roof and sarking having been cut through; other things that need some re-working were robe rails not being level (so doors return to the center), scratches on glass windows, cornices being cracked, oil stains on carpet, paint marks on floorboards, door handles being loose, a couple of two-way light switches needing reversing - nothing too major.
If anything, the most major thing I'm not too happy about is how the CAT6 return points have been installed - on to two face plates.

We only noticed in the second inspection that a CAT6 point is completely missing - we've missed it all along, and only just noticed it just as we were finishing up.

Hopefully more soon, maybe with some pics.

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  1. Hey it'd be great to hear about/ see the finished house. Have been enjoying your blog.