Friday, December 7, 2012

Even security isn't secure

A few weeks ago I ordered one of the camera systems to be installed after handover.  It was taking it's time being shipped out, but I got told it arrived this afternoon... with a twist.

In an amusing twist, the security system had been cut open and two of the cameras stolen from the delivery.  The manufacturer/reseller have been really good about going through everything item-by-item to list what is and isn't there, and what needs to be sent out to correct this, but I find it amusing that of all things that get tampered with in the mail, it was a product which would monitor activity of tampering and theft ;p

Maybe they should ship them connected to a UPS, recording the whole time? :D


  1. That's one unusual story, Tsjr. I might say that it was an inside job. You should have reported it to the company. I'm sure their warehouse, or the whole company itself has CCTV cameras on every corner.
    - Alexander Landrum

  2. The irony of that situation. Heh.

    I think most companies are doing something in terms of tracking these kinds of incidents. I know one that records the truck’s active progress through a route, down to the time it stops for a prolonged period of time and its exact location. It really does help, particularly on who the company will blame if a delivery goes missing. :P

    Miguelina Koziol

  3. “Even security isn't secure” – Definitely. Even if the security system is already installed. I’ve read from one blogger that their security system was tampered, which was why their alarm system didn’t work. The security system was located outside their home and they noticed that the wire was cut. They guessed someone was trying to break in at their home. Thankfully, there were no signs of a break in. Though, this is a very different story from what you posted. I just only want to emphasize that even the security system itself is not secure. We must do something to keep it secured also. ->-Odessa