Saturday, September 29, 2012

More neighbourly progress

Nothing's happening with my site yet, Metricon passing the blame around between the council etc etc, so the next thing I can do is watch on in envy that the neighbours are actually getting a house built.

Next to the Burbank house, taps have just gone in, which usually indicates something's about to happen.
The Burbank home now have some semblence of brickwork done, with walls starting to go up.  There's two sets of bricks on-site - less of a darker coloured one, so I imagine they're for the façade of the house.

Bricks have been delivered to next door, but they don't seem to have actually started working on that aspect yet, but at least now they have a roof - and solar panels too.

Over in the back corner another site has started - Metricon this time, a much bigger house.  Only a scrape done so far though.

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